Sunday, November 18, 2007

Skippack Trail Video

I don't know why I spent so much time making this 16 minute video but here it is. The bike ride was from the Perkiomen Creek Bridge south of Graterford Prison to the NW edge of Evansburg State Park on Thompson Rd.

The trail as I said in the earlier post is paved, the trail is shared with horses between the Horse Farm (which is under the power lines) to the Perkiomen Trail. The road crossings are unmarked for drivers although there are signs for trail users and emergency vehicles.

Skippack Village, the other part of this trail is a wonderful destination and is another enhancement of the Montgomery County Trail network. Imagine starting in Chestnut Hill, through Manayunk to Valley Forge NP then to Audubon Sanctuary and finally Skippack Village.


Anonymous said...

This kind of thing is great. 16 minutes is WAY too long. A 3-4 minute redux would be nice. I know how hard it is, though. I struggled to get this down to 6.5 minutes:

John Boyle said...

Yeah I know what you mean. I'll try to cut it down this week.

Greek Shopper said...

When you are riding up to Skippack Village be sure to visit all the shops and restaurants for some relaxation.

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