Friday, November 16, 2007

Press Fawns Over "Cannonball Run" Outlaws

Reporters for CNN and NPR went gaga over the driver that reportedly broke the New York to Los Angeles driving record of 31 hours averaging 91 miles per hour , the exact speed that NJ Governor Jon Corzine's driver was traveling when he crashed and seriously injured the Governor on the Garden State Parkway.

I hate to spoil the fun but Burt Reynolds and Sally Field were only acting in a movie on a closed course, In 31 hours and 4 minutes it took to travel the country 152 people died in motor vehicle crashes. I wonder if they would have received a hero's welcome if they inadvertently killed a family in pursuit of a speed record.

I hope that some public official out there condemns this lawless act. in fact since much of the trip on video why not press speeding and reckless driving charges on these guys.

On behalf of the 42,000 Americans killed every year, I challenge CNN and NPR to interview a a real american hero, Tom Everson of the Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 campaign.


Josh said...

The statute of limitations has already run out on any crimes they committed. Hence the publication of the article in Wired last month.

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