Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nutter Questionnaire Revisted

Here are the responses of Mayor Elect Nutter to our questionnaire sent out before the Democratic Primary.

Would you support the creation of a Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinator to shape transportation policy?

Yes. Federal CMAQ funds can defray 80 percent of the cost of the Bicycle-Pedestrian Coordinator position. Within the framework of a re-established City Department of Transportation, this coordinator would work with other City agencies, such as Fairmount Park, Recreation, Health, Planning, and Streets to make bicycling in Philadelphia easier and safer.

Would you support the creation of a Department of Transportation?

Yes. Without a Department of Transportation, there is no consolidated public authority to envision and coordinate the multi-user, multi-modal aspects of the transportation network. Each part of the network must be understood as having major impacts on all the others. With a Department of Transportation, the City can pursue all available state and federal funding opportunities and close the unattended gaps in our network.

Would you support the creation and implementation of a new citywide bicycle/pedestrian plan that positions Philadelphia as the most bicycle-friendly city on the East Coast?

Philadelphia should capitalize on the fact that the City hosts the nation’s longest one-day cycling event – The Commerce Bank Triple Crown of Cycling-Philadelphia International Championship. A new Department of Transportation will be well-positioned to articulate and implement goals such as this one.

Would you support free and clear bike lanes that connect the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers and close the gaps between bike lanes in all neighborhoods?

This idea would represent a major improvement in our bicycle network and link our two emerging recreational waterfronts. There is substantial federal funding for such initiatives. One advantage of a new Department of Transportation will be to foster such planning efforts and prioritize implementation across modes, users, and comprehensive goals.

Would you support increased enforcement of traffic laws through?

  • The installation of 100 red light cameras - Yes
  • A bike-based parking enforcement patrol - Yes
  • A street-based education program to discourage bicyclists riding on the sidewalks – Yes

Red-light-running is epidemic in Philadelphia, endangering walkers, cyclists, and drivers. The early returns on traffic cameras are very positive, and we should consider their use in high-density, high-danger intersections in Center City and elsewhere.

Would you support the installation of 1,000 bike racks in each City Council district?

Yes. Installing bike racks encourages residents to keep their cars at home and thus reduces congestion, parking, and air quality concerns.

Would you support the completion of the Schuylkill River Trail extension to Fort Mifflin?

I support the completion of the Schuylkill River Trail extension which would create another unique experience for residents and tourists alike. Philadelphia should complete its segment of the East Coast Greenway and link together such recreational jewels as the Waterworks, Bartram’s Gardens, and the Heinz Wildlife Refuge.

Would you support all-day closures off Martin Luther King Drive to through traffic, while continuing to allow auto access to the upper drive parking areas?

Yes, I support a re-established Saturday and Sunday closure from 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. of Martin Luther King Drive so our residents and non-residents can enjoy the recreational amenities of this beautiful six mile corridor without being vulnerable to the traffic concerns that led to the tragic death last year.


Anonymous said...

I was at the Penn Praxis event the other night, and it seems that the bike path from Pier 70 to the Ben Franklin may actually have some likelihood of implementation. I would like to help make that happen, but I'm not entirely sure how to do so. Maybe you could do a post on where pressure might be most efficiently applied...

Anonymous said...

Interesting that once upon a time, then Councilman Nutter was a vociferous opponent of the extension of the Cobbs Creek Bikeway into Overbrook. In the glow of his new administration, his comments and actions bear some healthy scrutiny.