Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What's This? Metered Bike Lanes

On 34th Street between Ludlow and Chestnut parking meters and permitted parking signs have mysteriously appeared next to the bike lane.

Image and location of the bike lane, parking meters and parked cars on Google Maps Street View

As of today the meters are covered and a sign "No Stoppping Until" November 5 was posted.

So what happens on November 5th. Does the bike lane disappear for good? Stay tuned, meanwhile send your comments to the Streets Department here.


Anonymous said...

I hope they either added a new bike lane on a parallel street, or posted no stopping/parking hours during hours of low bike traffic.

Anonymous said...

In a slightly unrelated topic, does anyone have information regarding MLK drive opening and closing for vehicle traffic?

I have noticed, while biking on MLK drive at approximately 5:00pm during weekends that traffic is permitted back onto the road without any warning system. Minutes after this new traffic has already been permitted back onto the road, a police vehicle with lights flashing will drive through with traffic to let the MLK drive users know that traffic is oncoming.

Have there been any accidents because of this lack of an early warning procedure? Why is nothing in place to protect people of newly released traffic? Who do we contact to protect fellow bikers, runners, joggers and walkers from this impending danger? What can be done to stop this potential danger?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. I commute this way almost every day, and often have found cars parked at these meters. Very bizzarre, though not surprising considering the general disregard for bicycle lanes...