Saturday, October 20, 2007

Getting to the Little Lehigh Parkway from the Perkiomen Trail

The Little Lehigh Parkway in Allentown PA is a beautiful network of trails on both sides of the Little Lehigh River, it is part of the Allentown City Parks system and with a few turns on surface streets connects to the Lehigh Canal Towpath. And it's 20 miles from the Perkiomen Trails north trailhead via mostly low traffic scenic (if somewhat hilly) local roads.

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Here is a rough cue sheet of the route -
Thanks to Hal Schirmer for providing this route

  • Start at the Perkiomen Trailhead
  • CAREFULLY cross route 29/Gravel Pike
  • follow Lumber Street, cross small bridge
  • left onto Reihman Road
  • Reihman road ends at McCleans Station Road
  • right onto McLean Station (at 1876 Centennial Schoolhouse)
  • first left into new development (unnamed road) in Candlewick Development
  • second right onto Knight Road
  • CAREFULLY cross Route 29 stay on Knight Road
  • Cross over Route 663
  • take first right onto Church Road
  • Church becomes Water Street, junction with Route 29
  • Left onto Route 29,
  • take second right onto Hosensack Road
  • follow Hosensack makes 90 right turn (at Treichler)
  • follow Hosensack makes 90' left and becomes Yeakles (at Mill Hill)
  • cross Schultz Bridge Rd
  • Right onto Palm Road
  • first left onto Powder Valley Road
  • cross Train tracks
  • Powder Valley makes 90' left, continue straight onto Geissinger
  • Left onto Kings Highway
  • through old Zionsville
  • Merge onto Route 29 short distance, then
  • Right onto Shimerville Road (long downhill)
  • Shimerville Road enters Emmaus, becomes Pennsylvania Ave, becomes Broad Street
  • Follow Broad to "T" at 3rd Street
  • Left on 3rd, cross RR tracks immediate right onto Railroad Street
  • Railroad Street turns 90' left, becomes Keystone Ave
  • Follow Keystone Ave up hill through Emmaus
  • Keystone Ave curves to right, becomes Keystone Road/Werner Street
  • bear 90' left onto Keystone/Werner
  • cross county Club Road go straight on Keystone Road
  • Keystone Road winds through Little Lehigh Parkway (Park)
  • Keystone Road "Ts" at Fish Hatchery Road
  • Bear right, over bridge, then immediate left onto Little Lehigh Parkway bike trail.

Click Here for a map of the Allentown Area Trail Network
Click Here for a map of the Perkiomen Creek and Schuylkill River Trails


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