Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Transit Map for South Jersey

So why put a transit map on a Bicycle News Blog? All of these transit routes carry bicycles at all times and as you can see, they travel quite a ways from Center City. Have you ever thought about bicycling to the Jersey Shore or hiking in the Pine Barrens?

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Only the long distance bus and train routes are shown here. The most common bus you will find on these routes are the motorcoaches with the luggage bins. The bus routes to shore often fill up with luggage on summer weekends so plan accordingly, otherwise you can pretty go where you want in South Jersey seven days a week.


John said...

Also take a look at the state of New Jersey's official bike tours:

This summer I took the PATCO line from Center City to Egg Harbor, NJ and then hopped on the High Point to Cape May bike route down to Cape May.

Good times.

Kathy said...

thought everyone might enjoy this post about a new trail from Toms River to Barnegat, NJ


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