Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Weekend Escape 2 - The Perkiomen Trail

Imagine bicycling out of town on Saturday via the Schuylkill River Trail and taking it beyond Valley Forge, then turning north on the Perkiomen Trail - 45 miles to Green Lane! Then staying overnight and coming back on Sunday.

At Green Lane Park you can swim or if you arrive by mountain bike tour the Park Trail around the Green Lane Reservoir. Spring Mountain Ski Area offers Rock Climbing and Canopy Tours and the Philadelphia Folk Festival happens right next to the trail in August.

Note there will be a detour to the Perkiomen Trail through September. The route will follow the parallel Audubon Trail through the Mill Grove Estate, home of John Audubon.

A post and rail fence frames a rural scene along the trail in Salford

The Inn at Perkiomen Creek
Hampton Inn Valley Forge Oaks PA near Lower Perkiomen Park
The Globe Inn - East Greenville via Route 29

Green Lane Park

Public Transportation
SEPTA R6 and Norristown High Speed Line offer frequent service to the Norristown Transportation Center which intersects the Schuylkill River Trail.

From Norristown you can connect to bus routes that will take you further uptrail. Route 93 stops at the trail in Collegeville and Route 99 stops near the trail in Oaks 7 days a week.

The Route 91 to Graterford runs 4 round trips on Saturday only to the trail crossing near the prison.


Anonymous said...

Yay, the Perkiomen Trail! I bike somewhere along this trail almost every weekend, and I cannot possibly love it more. The scenery is beautiful-- in early spring, shaded areas are full of bluebells, and later the air along the trail is full of the smell of honeysuckle and lilies. You just couldn't ask for a prettier ride.

Jimbo said...

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