Sunday, June 17, 2007

Kill the Quick Release Bill

New Jersey Assembly Bill No. 2686 would make it illegal to sell any bicycle including ADULT bicycles with current quick releases;
- It is wrongly promoted as being directed only to children's bicycles;
- This will have an immediate, significant, adverse impact on:
a. New Jersey Bicycle consumers
b. New Jersey Bicycle dealers

None of the bicycles currently on the market could meet the standard in Assembly Bill 2686
- This would IMMEDIATELY shut down the bicycle retail business in New Jersey
- The Bill would require a quick release retention system on adult bikes that:
b. ALWAYS retains the wheel

There is no commercially available system that meets this impossible standard.
-The Quick Release has been in use for over 50 years
-On today's commercial bicycles, bikes with Quick Releases also come with redundant retention.
-A properly used Quick Release is SAFER than a bicycle with a bolted axle.

Assembly Bill 2686 is ill advised because:
a. It is not directed only at Children's bikes;
b. It will shut down the New Jersey Bicycle business;
c. It will be pre-empted by Federal Law that already regulates bicycles quick releases. Action Plan:

NJ Cyclists should contact your State Senator and ask them not to support the Quick Release Bill ...find your representative(s)


Unknown said...

John, I understand this bill is now in the Senate Commerce Committee for consideration. Do you know when they will hold public hearings to discuss this bill?

This bill has ALREADY PASSED in the Assembly. It only needs to pass in the Senate (then get signed by the Govenor) before becoming enacted as a law. If this bill passes, you can pretty much say GOODBYE to your local (NJ) bike store.