Monday, June 18, 2007

Draft Philadelphia Cycling Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes
Philadelphia Cycling Committee (Draft)

May 22, 2007

Dennis Winters – Acting Chair


Dennis WintersCenter City West

John Boyle – NJ BCGP Staff - Acting Secretary

Rebecca P – Italian Market Area

Stacy PlattenbergerQueen Village

Jeff HartmanQueen Village

Jeff Jenne- Germantown

Susan Dannenberg – Mt. Airy

Dennis Winters called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM

Dennis announced that the committee will meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month

He stated that he wanted this group to be pro active and issue driven and that the Bicycle Coalition is seeking nominees for a permanent chair and secretary.

John then spoke briefly about previous committees and attempts to form a Philadelphia Committee. The BCGP hopes that this committee will eventually be the go to group to solve on the ground problems in the city.

The minutes once approved via email will be posted on the BCGP Philly email list and the Philadelphia Bicycle News Blog.

Brainstorming Session – Underlined issues were identified by the committee as priorities, priority issues have been assigned to members to manage and follow up.

1 Education of Cab Drivers – Print a bicycle safety card provided to the cab companies. governed Public Utility Commission

2 Fixing the breaks in the pavement and poor pavement conditions this could include utility cuts dirty bike lanes potholes and other street defects.

3 Sharrows – On appropriate streets too narrow for bike lanes

4 Adopt A Rack – Project has been delayed until 2008. Action needed?

5 Ben Franklin Bridge – There is already a group working on the bridge issue

6 South Street Bridge – Bicycle Coalition successfully included bike lanes and signal improvements for bikes. Community and bike detour issues remain.

7 Bicycle encouragement programs at large institutions- E.g. Jefferson University Hospital does not encouraging bicycle commuting (bikes are a hassle and racks are not being provided.

8 Bicycle Commuter Act – Federal Action required

9 Bike friendly recreational areas close to the city - Access

10 Bikes on Trains – Improve the bike rules and access (e.g. stair ramps, elevator signage)

11 Bikes in Buildings – Pass a city ordinance requiring bike accommodations in buildings

12 Bikes on the sidewalk

13 Motorist/Cyclist Education

14 Bicycle Blvd/Exclusive ROW

15 Urban Rails to Trails

16 Climate Change Action Plan – Add bicycling to the action plan

17 Environmental Group citywide email alert network

18 Bike Share Program

Getting more people to bike

Bicycle encouragement programs at large institutions-. Jefferson University Hospital does not encouraging bicycle commuting (bikes are a hassle and racks are not being provided. However HUP has just installed a large bank of bike racks at the hospital.

Policy of public institutions to bike parking policy

Planning and zoning bike provisions – Reform of planning and zoning laws offer an opportunity to accommodate bicycles.

Priority issues

Adopt A RackJohn will get more details on why the project has been delayed and what can be done to move the installation of the racks back to 2007. Possible campaign.

Education of Cab DriversRebecca will follow-up with research of other existing programs and if they can be applied to Philadelphia. Susan will assist.

Bike Share Program Jeff Hartman and Jeff Jenne will open discussion with Philly Car Share to explore interest and feasibility of a non-profit based bike sharing program.

Pavement IssuesDennis will take the lead on this issue

Next Meeting is Tuesday June 19th 6:30 at the Bicycle Coalition offices.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:04 PM


Unknown said...

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