Thursday, May 03, 2007

Eagles "Go Green" Campaign Could Do More

The Philadelphia Eagles have launched a "Go Green" Campaign. It encourages things like recycling and reimbursing employees who purchase wind power.

But could they be greener? A typical Eagles game probably generates up to 100,000 automobile trips (each trip is one way). Reducing the number of fans arriving by car would not only reduce greenhouse gases and traffic but you could conceivably "green" some that massive parking acreage.

Some ideas -

  • A bike parking valet service, roll your bike up with no worries, Neighborhood Bike Works already operates one for special events and they could start up the service at a very low cost.
  • Install bike racks at all gates.
  • Work with the Streets Department and PENNDOT to install bike lanes on the approach roads to the stadium. Buffer these bike lanes with traffic cones on game day.
  • Enhance transit access - by partnering with regional transit operators
  • Provide a free shuttle to the Pattison Subway Stop,
  • Make sure the SEPTA opens all available gates at the Pattison Station
  • Offer free transfers from Regional Rail and PATCO to the Broad Street Subway
  • Offer express bus service to outlying areas such as Delaware, the Suburbs, NE Philadelphia and New Jersey.


Blake said...

I'm as season ticket holder and I've been commuting to Eagles game by bike for the last 2 years (the only time
I don't ride is when my brother doesn't have anyone to take the train with), and its an awesome experience. Not having to lock my bike to a tree or a street sign would increase my experience, its the little things (a valet would be overkill). I'd be willing to be that I can get into the game by bike faster than any other mode of transportation from anywhere within the city limits.

But then again, I don't drink beer at Eagles games, so my enthusiasm is not likely a good representation of Eagles fans.

I'm not sure I understand what the shuttle to the subway stop would be do, except for the handicap I guess, its right across the street. The only suggestion I would have for that front would be to make a pedestrian friendly path to/from the linc (this would benefit pedestrians and motorists alike, but is doubtful that people would even obey it if it was implemented)