Thursday, April 05, 2007

Nutter Transportation Plans

Nutter recently released his transportation plans.

His plans for a Department of Transportation:

As Mayor, I will re-establish the Department of Transportation and make the head a member of my Cabinet. The Department would conduct formal planning, coordinate decision making, and articulate a shared vision among all the entities that comprise the City’s transportation including Streets, Commerce, Public Property, Traffic Police, City Planning, the School District, Fairmount Park, the Airport, the waterfront and ports agencies, SEPTA, PATCO, PennDOT, Amtrak, and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission.

The new Department would save money through coordination, increase the share of existing resources going to the City through better advocacy, and increase the total amount of resources going the Philadelphia metropolitan area by developing a shared vision for regional investment. Boston, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, and Los Angeles all have departments that are implementing focused and integrated agendas for their cities and regions.

His plans for bicycling:

Maintain and extend the City’s bicycle network of lanes and signs. As
demonstrated by the Chicago 2010 Plan, much of the planning and
implementation of bicycle transportation can be funding by federal programs in support of congestion mitigation and transportation enhancements. By capitalizing on the presence of the nation’s largest one-day bicycling event, the City can leverage the expanded bicycle network into Recreation and Health policy goals.
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