Thursday, April 05, 2007

Fattah's Transportation Plans

Released earlier this year, Fattah's transportation plans include a new Office of Transportation:

Transportation. As Mayor, Chaka Fattah will re-establish the Office of
Transportation and will appoint a leading transportation professional as
Director. Under Mayor Rendell, the Office of Transportation served as the focal
point for all city policy related to transportation. Mayor Fattah will
re-establish this office and rely on its director as his chief transportation
advisor, responsible for the planning and implementation of city transportation
policy. The Director of Transportation will work with other area governments to
take a regional approach to transportation, representing the city to the public
and funding and regulatory bodies on issues of transportation and work
with Philadelphia residents and businesses on issues of concern to them
involving transportation.

And Fattah's plans for biking:

Turn Philadelphia into the Most Bicycle-Friendly City on the East Coast. Chaka
Fattah believes that with some small investments and changes to traffic
planning, Philadelphia can be the safest and best place to cycle in the eastern
United States. Fattah will fight to extend the Schuylkill River Trail as a
continuous path along the entire river, from north to south, enact the North
Delaware Riverfront Greenway Plan with its planned miles of new bike trails and
seek to connect these two bicycle thoroughfares. The Fattah Administration will
seek ways to expand designated bicycle lanes consistent with city's Bicycle
Network Plan. The priority will be to maximize linkages between existing lanes
and expand bike lanes into areas of the city not currently served by designated
lanes. Additionally, Chaka Fattah will insist that any streetscape improvements
made during his administration include sufficient racks on which to park
bicycles. The city will also build bicycle parking stations, with air pumps and
water fountains at major destinations throughout the city to give an additional
boost to cycling in our city.

Ease Restrictions on Taking Bicycles on Public Transit.
Chaka Fattah will work with SEPTA to ease the restrictions on taking bicycles on public transit. While most SEPTA buses are equipped with racks that hold up to two bikes, on other modes of transportation
-- including regional rail, the Market-Frankford El and the Broad Street Subway
-- bicycles are not allowed during peak hours. In fact, on regional rail, bicycles must be kept in seats reserved for wheelchairs. Chaka Fattah will work with SEPTA to design innovative ways to store bicycles on trains and allow bicycles on trains during peak hours.

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