Sunday, March 18, 2007

Car Hit By a Cyclist - Or Was It Unsafe Passing

It seems that New Jersey suffers from the unique phenomena where pedestrians and bicyclists are hitting cars.

The latest report comes last Monday from the Record Breeze when a Gloucester Township Police spokesman commenting on a bike-car crash on Blackwood-Clementon Road "It appears that the bicycle was making some type of movement to hit the car." That sounds like attempted suicide. Could it be possible that the driver was making an unsafe passing manuever and the cyclist swerved from the backdraft of the vehicle? Or avoiding a pothole?

In early February two newspaper reports in North Jersey claimed that pedestrians ran into vehicles.


Katie VanVliet said...

bicyclist was hit, or hit car...i didn't see... at 20th st and the parkway this afternoon. unsafe left turn on bicyclist's part, i heard.

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