Sunday, September 10, 2006

PENNDOT Manpower Shortage Prevents Bike Lane Maintenance

PENNDOT Manpower Shortage Prevents Bike Lane Maintenance

An Article in the Lancaster New Era
"For two years, the three governmental bodies had been disputing who has responsibility for the clearing the bridge.

That dispute was settled by a ruling of the state Public Utility Commission in April. Manheim Township was given responsibility for clearing the pedestrian walkway on the Fruitville Pike bridge. Lancaster City was given responsibility for the walkway on the Lititz Pike bridge. And, PennDOT is responsible for the roadway from curb to curb on both bridges, the utility commission ordered.

PennDOT’s responsibility includes the bike lanes — the only ones that exist in the county..."

So Lancaster County Bike-Ped Advisory Committee Chair Mike Ridgeway took a broom to the bridge and a called a reporter to bring the problem to PENNDOT's attention. A spokesman for District 5 Maintenance reports that he is 10 men short and that there would be a long wait otherwise.

Bicyclists should not have to put themselves at risk to keep bike facilities maintained, they should always call PENNDOT Maintenance 1-800-FIX-ROAD before thinking about anything else.