Saturday, September 09, 2006

NotCNN - Carnage on the Highways

NotCNN - Carnage on the Highways

115 Killed in Traffic Crashes, 7300 injured
15 Pedestrians, 6 Children and 2 Bicyclists among the dead

Black Boxes not found, NTSB Refuses to investigate, NHTSA says “Buckle UP”.

Another day of carnage as more than 100 deaths per day had been recorded on Americas highways for the 18,515th day in a row. This far exceeds the 17 known Sting Ray Deaths worldwide since 1860.

As a response to the carnage NHTSA recommends that we all crash safely by wearing your helmet when bicycling and wearing a seatbelt if you are in a car.

NotCNN interviewed an unidentified source at NHTSA who noted that traffic fatalities have declined 16% since 1979 and when you make the comparison of deaths to Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) there is a consistent decline and that thousands of lives have been saved.

However our source had no explanation for Canada’s success in reducing fatalities by 50% since 1979, other than speculating that Canada feels much more like Europe than the United States and therefore are less concerned about their privacy and right to drive.