Monday, April 17, 2006

Streets Department Pothole Machine Leaves Gravel in its Wake

Streets Department "Pothole Killer" Leaves Gravel in its Wake

The famous pothole killer machine apparently has one major problem. It often leaves a sea of gravel where the cyclists are riding. Eliminating potholes may save repair bills for cars but for cyclists it often means saving medical bills and maybe even lives.

That being said oodles of gravel in the bike lanes is another safety hazard that creates an uncomfortable ride and may also cause a cyclist to lose control, we suggest that the pothole killer be quickly followed by a street sweeper. If you see excess gravel in the bike lane then leave the bike lane and carefully merge with traffic.

To report any road hazard contact the Streets Department at

Filled potholes and the residual gravel blown
into the bike lane by vehicular traffic on
Lexington Ave near Rhawn St.

Follow-up: A Quick Response

This hazard was reported on Saturday April 15. On the next business day (Monday April 17 at Noon) a Streets Department sweeping crew gave the bike lanes and shoulders a thorough cleaning.