Friday, April 21, 2006

$3 A Gallon Generates Press

$3 A Gallon Generates Press

Funny how an artificial benchmark such as the number 3 appearing on gas station signs can generate buzz. The press has been abuzz with the news that the INCREASE in Consumption has slowed. I am sure we will see the same thing when gas is $4 a gallon which is the current price of petrol in Canada.

Example in today's Camden Courier Post there is an editorial promoting crazy ideas such as bicycling and taking the RiverLINE to stick it to the man. Interesting considering that the CP was a voracious opponent of the RiverLINE.

Which reminds me that we need volunteers to count bikes in Center City and University City, we have good solid numbers from last year but we are having a tough time finding volunteers for this year. Can you spare an hour and a half during the morning or afternoon rush to count bikes?

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