Friday, December 09, 2005

Mapquest For Bikes

The Bicycle Coalition is pursuing the development of an online Bicycle Trip Planner. Only a few months ago this would have been a major undertaking but thanks to open source programming, the possibility of funding and a consortium of like minded groups across the country we expect to have a trip planner up and running sometime in 2006.

Like Mapquest the Bike Trip Planner will deliver turn by turn directions and a map, however because bicycles are much more sensitive to traffic, terrain and distance we have to gather data such as road suitability and hills on top of the road network.

In addition our trip planner will be sensitive to user input making the software (smarter) roads that are popular and receive good reviews will be weighted higher than roads that don't.

Funding from the School District of Philadelphia will directed towards enhanceing the program for to enable school students to reach specific destinations in the city in the city and will be available in multiple languages. Later enhancements might include integration with SEPTA's and NJ Transit Trip Planners.

Here are a couple of sample trip planners already online

London Bicycle Journey Planner