Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Students Pay $1/day to Park, Miss College Human Rights Violated

The West Chester Daily Local reports that high school kids and parents are hoppin' mad about the price of school parking.

Coatesville Area Senior High students claim that the rising cost of parking on campus ($180 year) will prevent many of them from participating in after-school activities and sports.

"If I don’t have a car at school, I can’t participate in those activities, Then when colleges get my transcript, they’ll see that I was involved only up until senior year."

Hey, did I tell the school district to build a centralized monolith on 110 acres in the middle of nowhere, NOOOO! If you want Waldo to be on the chess team then you better get a car.

Regionalization of schools may save small municipalities money on some levels by sharing infrastructure costs, but when it comes to open space and transportation it has the opposite effect. The design and location of these schools virtually wipe out the small percentage of students who walk and bike to school when they are located in the neighborhoods where they live. Super-sized schools do not equate to a better education.

Build schools in walkable neighborhoods
Use and Re-Use existing facilities
No parking for students
Provide secure bike parking
Provides incentives for faculty to use alternative modes
Complete the Streets

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