Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I Love that River Line! Tips for the thrifty New York Traveler.

The River LINE NJ TRANSIT offers a great opportunity for bicyclists (See the March 7 posting for details). Especially those who wish to take their bike to North Jersey or New York.
Here are the comparisons going to Trenton and New York via the River Line verses the R7 line.

Round Trip on SEPTA from Center City to Trenton - $14
Round Trip PATCO plus the River LINE Camden to Trenton - $4.50

Bike Capacity
River Line - 6 -12 bike racks per train
SEPTA 2 bikes per train, up to 5 bikes on weekends however weekend crowds on the R7 often force conductors to limit the number of bicycles.

Off-Peak Frequency
R7 - Hourly
River Line 30 minutes

Bike Access
R7 - No bikes on Peak Direction Trains
River Line and PATCO Bikes allowed on all trains

Bike Storage
PATCO - Hold your bike in the unused doorway
River LINE - On hanging bike racks
R7 - In the wheelchair space if available

Travel Time
R7 - Suburban Station to Trenton 50 minutes
River Line and PATCO - 15th and Locust to Trenton 1:20 minutes up to 1:30 on Sundays due to less frequent PATCO service.