Friday, March 19, 2004

Bikes Racks on SEPTA buses update

From Creighton Rabs Septa News Blog

"For the third time since last year, SEPTA will attempt to award a contract for 655 bike racks on the Neoplan artic, NABI, and 5400-series New Flyer bus fleet. The most recent contract was awarded to a Bucks County firm (United Products of Feasterville), however it is believed that they went out of business. As such, the contract is expected to go to SportWorks Northwest, the Seattle-area based supplier which built the racks for the ElDorado and 5500/5600-series New Flyers."

The vote will be at the March 25 board meeting, since Sportworks has been notified of the vote I would expect that they will be awarded the contract. Lets hope that SEPTA installs the bike racks in a timely fashion.

Meanwhile delivery has started on 118 new low floor buses and 28 small cut-away buses with bike racks, delivery will probably be complete in April or Early May. 440 of 1300 buses will be equipped with bike racks. Lets hope that