Thursday, August 21, 2003

Ride your bike to the Philadelphia Folk Festival

The Perkiomen Trail connects with the Folkfest at the Water Gate. The trail is now 95% open from the Philadelphia Art Museum (39 mi) and the Norristown Transportation Center (22mi).

Hal Schirmer has provided a cue sheet from Valley Forge to the Old Poole Farm
Schuylkill River Trail now runs across the Perkiomen Creek,
hairpin down hill takes you to the Perkiomen Trail.

S on Perk Trail through Lower Perkiomen Park.
R at kiosk at parking lot/ end of wildflowers to trail along Perkiomen Creek
L on Upper Indian Head road - short uphill to Perk Trail joins Railroad Right of Way
R onto Perkiomen Trail just before bridge abutment
X Cider Mill road
X Arcola Road
X small bridge over creek
X Yerkes road where trail zigzags
X Perkiomen Blvd (newer townhouse development)

** Collegeville trail detour starts
X Route 29
S on Park Ave (the left of CVS - future trail is to the right)
R on East 3rd at park
X Ridge Pike/Main Street at old Pizza Hut

** Return to Perkiomen Trail
X 9th Street
X Route 29
S on old RR right of way to where Perk Trail leaves Railroad and follows creek
X under Route 113 -
S on trail - trail returns to Railroad
S past PECO substation & under crackling high tension wires
S as trail leaves Railraod and goes along Creek
X Perkiomen Creek on old RR bridge then hairpin left turn
X Graterford Road towards Graterford Prison

** cue leaves trail (Perkiomen Creek Road & Route 73 shoulder to Schwenksville)

R at driveway before Hollywood Drive Parking area
L on Perkiomen Creek Road (is being rebuilt so may be bumpy)
L on Rte 73/Skippack Pike
S past stoplight- Plank Road on left - follow Rte 73
S past Squirrel Hill Road on Right (this is Montgomery County's version of Port Royal Hill)
X over East Branch Perkiomen Creek
S past Haldeman Road and Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy & Pennypacker Mills
X over Perkiomen Creek on Route 73 Bridge sidewalk

** cue back on trail
R onto Perkiomen Trail just before stoplight
S through Schwenksville
S past Moccia's Train stop
X over Mine Creek
R at end of trail onto Schwenksville Road
X Perkiomen Creek
L onto East Park Avenue (look for Road Closed sign) (hill)
L onto Cedar Road (hill)
R onto Perkiomen Trail at end of Cedar (big downhill)
L on Spring Mountain Road
X bridge over Perkiomen Creek
R into Police Officer Memorial park & up hill; or R into Spring Mountain Inn parking lot to trailhead
X bridge over Perkiomen Creek
X Haim Road

- Poole Farm is on the right after rock outcrop - the Water Gate from the trail to the Farm is open from 9am - 5pm but you made need to purchase passes from the front entrance.

X under Salford Station Road (wooden Bridge)
L on Harmon Road
L on Salford Station Road
X over trail on Salford Station Road wooden Bridge (hill)
- Poole Farm is on the right

have fun!!!