Wednesday, April 09, 2014

PennDOT Announces New Bike/Ped Funding Opportunity

In 2013, Harrisburg passed a big transportation bill (Act 89). One of its primary benefits is the $80 million Multimodal Fund. This fun is a new opportunity for municipalities to seek funding for bike/ped projects such as striping new bike lanes, trails, bicycle parking at transit stops, sidewalk connections, and more.

On April 7th, a PennDOT press release announced that the fund was open for applications.
"PennDOT can make available $20 million in Fiscal Year 2014-15 to distribute to successful applicants. Eligible projects can cost between $100,000 and $3 million and they require a 30 percent match from local sources. PennDOT will evaluate the applications and make selections based on such criteria as safety benefits, regional economic conditions, the technical and financial feasibility, job creation, energy efficiency, and operational sustainability. Besides the $20 million in unrestricted funds to be distributed, PennDOT may award grants from the dedicated budget categories in the Multimodal fund for aviation, rail freight, ports and bicycle-pedestrian projects. The application period started today and closes on June 30."
So if you are a municipality, Council of Government, business or non-profit, now's the time to apply for this money! Act 89 dedicates $2 million of the Multimodal fund for bicycle-pedestrian projects. 

Eligible projects include: "A project which coordinates local land use with transportation assets to enhance existing communities, including but not limited to: sidewalk/crosswalk safety improvements, bicycle lanes/route designation, greenways.... and [a] project related to streetscape, lighting, sidewalk enhancement and pedestrian safety, including but not limited to: sidewalk connections, crosswalks, pedestrian and traffic signals, pedestrian signs, and lighting etc..and [a] project improving connectivity or utilization of existing transportation assets, including but not limited to: bicycle/shared markings, bicycle parking at transit stops..."

Important details: the local 30% match must be cash (not in-kind) and applications must include a municipal resolutiton requesting the grant.  PennDOT's fund is separate from the Multimodal Transportation Fund being administered by the Commonwealth Financing Authority.

PennDOT's Multimodal Fund guidance and application can be downloaded here.