Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Alliance, Yuba, and Fairmount Bicycles Helped Us Photograph Santa

Stick with it. The title of this blog post will make sense by the end.

In the later part of last year, we entered a photo contest run by the Alliance for Biking & Walking. And good golly miss molly we won a Yuba cargo bike! (That linked video is a rough approximation of the scene in our office when we learned we won.)

Shelly and her good people at Fairmount Bicycles put the Yuba together:

And Sarah biked it back to the office in late November:

A Yuba Mundo is a hefty but elegant cargo bike designed for carrying substantial amounts of stuff, one additional adult, or a small brood of children. It will be a huge boon to our outreach and advocacy work. We will be able to use it to bring more and better materials to events taking place on trails. It will be the flagship for our next Ride for Reading event, scheduled for later this year.

And it allowed us to carry our volunteer photographer, Tour de France-style, as we took our holiday lights ride in December!

Below are a couple photos Blake took as we rode through South Philly admiring the lights. You can see a full collection on our Facebook page. Big thanks to the Alliance for Biking & Walking, Yuba Bikes, and Fairmount Bicycles for this great new tool to use in making bicycling better in our region.

There he is! Santa and his Recumbent Reindeer.


DavidReese said...

The Bicycle Coalition shouldn't post a picture of a recumbent without noting how dangerous it is to ride something so invisible to cars. Having invisible bikes on the road is as detrimental to the cause of bicycle acceptance as dangerous riders are.

Low-riding recumbents do not belong on the road; especially not in the city without a huge flag waving on a tall post.