Thursday, January 23, 2014

Speed Cameras Can Slow Down Traffic - Why Not in Pennsylvania?

Reckless and dangerous speeding that results in the loss of innocent lives still occurs on Roosevelt Boulevard, despite the expenditure of nearly 3 millions of dollars by PennDOT to improve safety along one of the region's most dangerous highways. According to PennDOT, over the past 5 years, car crashes on the Boulevard have killed 40 people, and caused 57 to suffer major injuries, 343 suffer moderate injuries and 1103 to suffer minor injuries.

Last July, two men drag racing on Roosevelt Boulevard at speeds up to 73 MPH killed a young 28 year-old mother and three of her four sons, ages 7 years old, 23 months old and 4 months old, as they were crossing the 12-lane highway.

PennDOT's safety efforts have included "[signalizing] five mid-block crosswalks; removing five mid-block crosswalks; installing twelve pull-off areas in the median to provide police a safe location for enforcement and a visual presence; enhancing median pedestrian refuge areas in two locations; and installing speed advisory signs on three bridges over the Boulevard."

One solution not yet tried would be to install cameras that monitor speeds and enforce speed limits. Currently, speed cameras are illegal in Pennsylvania, but State Senator Mike Stack has introduced legislation to make it permissible for PennDOT to use them.

PenTrans is holding a panel discussion on January 31st about speed cameras, hosted by Senator Mike Stack. You can attend by registering here.

Michael Fagin, Insurance Institute of Highway Safety
Chief Charles Ramsey, Philadelphia Police Department
Andrew W. Schauder, American Traffic Solutions, Inc.™
Jenny Robinson, AAA Mid-Atlantic

Friday, January 31. 8:00 - 10:00 AM

Pepper Hamilton LLP
3000 Logan Square
18th and Arch Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19103


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