Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Results of Last Month's Members' Survey

Last month we asked our membership to fill out a simple eight-question survey about how you perceive our work and what we should focus on in the future. We are in the beginning steps of a strategic planning process, and we want to make sure our plans align with our members' goals!

We got 466 responses to our survey, and you can see the results below. We also posted a survey for non-members: we received 115 responses, and their answers aligned almost identically to those of our members. A big thank you to everyone who replied - the survey and the individual notes accompanying it will play a major role in our planning. And congrats to Ginny and Mark, the winners of the $50 gift cards for filling out the survey.

There is a lot we could say about the answers, but a couple of broad takeaways:

We need to communicate better. 
While we have 2,500 family and individual members, we only garnered 466 responses. And while we don't list the graph below, only 62% of respondents were aware of our merger with Cadence Cycling Foundation. Those who knew about it support it (45% support to 1% oppose), but another 45% felt they didn't have enough information to say.

Our urban-suburban work balance is solid. 
This is heartening, as it's something we always keep in mind. 

Safety and infrastructure are top priorities. 
Those two topics dominated the questions in which they appeared. We work in many different arenas, and we have limited resources. This clarity of response will help prevent us from stretching ourselves too thin.

The survey questions
(Click on the images for bigger versions)
The cut-off answers above are, top to bottom:
"change in our area" and "social media posts and e-newsletters"

The cut-off words in the answers above are, top to bottom:
agencies; schoolchildren; infrastructure; policy.

The cut-off words in the answers above are, top to bottom:
Circuit and "on SEPTA"

Thank you to everyone who filled out this survey, or our non-member survey!