Saturday, January 18, 2014

Haddonfield Update - A Partial Victory For Grove Street Bike Lanes

Officials in Haddonfield Borough and Camden County have forged a compromise agreement on the installation of bike lanes on Grove St. Bike lanes will be included between Hopkins and South Edge Park Drive (shown in blue on the map). The rest of the project will follow the original plan, which includes standard shoulders north and south of the bike lanes. The roadway will narrow at the north end and it will not include shoulders (shown in red) and there are no plans to include sharrows on this short segment. Instead the project team is looking at the possibility of widening the sidewalk for bicycle use to improve the connection to the Cooper River Trail in Pennypacker Park.

We applaud the cooperation between the Borough, the County and the residents who helped shape the final design of this project. Overall this will be a major improvement for bicyclists and pedestrians who want to to travel between the Historic Downtown and Camden County's largest park network.

Still we are mindful of the disconnect between the conventional (and outdated) transportation thinking that "shoulders are bikeways" vs. the NJ State Supreme Court's "shoulders are not bike lanes" decision in the Polzo vs County of Essex case. It's a dilemma that the state has to resolve and it will require a rewrite of the State's vehicle code and NJDOT's bikeway accommodation guidelines.

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