Monday, January 06, 2014

A New Hire and a Transition for the Cadence Cycling Foundation

One of the goals of merging the Cadence Cycling Foundation (CCF) into the Bicycle Coalition is to expand CCF's range and scope. We want to bring the program to more schools and student-athletes, expand the spectrum of its impact, and better synchronize it with Safe Routes Philly. Today we are excited to announce a new (familiar) hire which will help us accomplish that goal: Cy Maramangalam will be joining us as the new Program Manager of Cadence Cycling Foundation.

Cy presenting to a high school in Silver Springs, MD as part of his previous role with Alliance for Climate Education

Cy's background makes him a prophecy-level good fit for CCF's future. He has been a Philly high school math teacher, worked for us as a Youth Educator with Safe Routes Philly, and is coming from D.C. where he was a Program Manager for the Alliance for Climate Education.* ACE educates and inspires high school students to break through the challenge of climate change and become leaders in their schools and communities. Cy educated and inspired more than 20,000 students and helped hundreds become leaders in their schools, local communities, and on a national stage. The CCF program will benefit enormously from Cy's enthusiasm and ability to work at both the micro and macro levels of youth education and empowerment.

Cy's hiring is in response to another shift: Ryan Oelkers will be transitioning to a new role, as CCF adviser and coach, in order to pursue another professional opportunity. All of the team coaches -- including Ryan -- are planning to coach again this year, so the continuity of the program from the athletes' perspective should be unchanged. And we are pleased that Megan Rosenbach, who has worked on Safe Routes Philly since its inception, will be promoted to Education Director and lead the efforts to expand CCF and Safe Routes Philly.

Between Ryan's continued involvement, the coaches, Cy, and Megan , we are very excited for CCF's next season. Stay tuned to our blog for profiles, updates, and news as the weather warms and the teams start back up again.

*One of the things discussed on NPR's All Things Considered was Cy and the ACE program, which they covered back in May