Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Harrisburg Update: Vote is Delayed but Some Consensus is Emerging

Regular readers of our blog know that we've been heavily involved in the Harrisburg debate around a transportation bill. Several times we've thought the state legislature was close to a vote, only to have the vote pushed back.

The latest news that emerged yesterday is both good and bad: the four legislative caucuses are actively negotiating (which is progress), but this means that no vote will happen before mid-November (another delay).
Your grandparents remind you to wipe your feet on the mat
and call your state representatives

Another delay is worrisome. However, while a very contentious issue (prevailing wage) is preventing a vote this week, at least the major players are at the table negotiating. Setting aside prevailing wage, we are encouraged that a consensus is emerging around the minimum level of funding required for an acceptable bill, and we think that that funding will include a dedicated fund for biking and walking. We are also optimistic that SEPTA will get an amount of money it can live with.

Thank you to the hundreds of people who have already contacted their PA State Reps about the importance to Pennsylvania's future of a well-funded, multi-modal (ie, all types of transportation, not just highways) transportation system. Like grandparents' advice, such sentiments can always be repeated. So we encourage you to contact your PA elected officials and remind them that a comprehensive transportation funding package is important for the entire commonwealth, and that transportation means trains, bikes, and sidewalks too.


andrewlevitt said...

You guys are freakin' awesome, I'm so glad someone is paying attention to this stuff. Keep up the good fight.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Andrew!