Wednesday, August 14, 2013

In Which We Introduce the Newest Member of the Bicycle Coalition Family

Oliver congratulates Diana and Kenny on their
first-born, and reminds them to protect Emil and
what Oliver assumes are his 13,000 other siblings
from hungry predators.
We here are all thrilled to welcome the youngest member of the Bicycle Coalition, Emil Steif, to the world. Emil was born yesterday afternoon to our Operations Director, Diana Owens Steif, and her husband Kenny Steif. The little guy came in at 6 lbs, 3 oz. Emil, Diana, and Kenny are all resting comfortably and doing well. Emil is their first child.

Diana was still bicycling well into her third trimester (over Kenny's increasing protestations) and generally made pregnancy look less difficult than replacing a back tire flat.

We know for certain that Diana and Kenny will make terrific parents, and hope that the bicycling Emil did in utero with his mother will ward off any future angsty teenage rebellions in which he sells his bicycle and buys an EMD GP50 4-axel diesel-electric train locomotive.

Congratulations, Diana and Kenny!