Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Update On PA State Funding For Bicycling And How You Can Help It Happen

The full Pennsylvania Senate is likely to vote today on its state transportation bill. The bill is expected to pass, and then head to the PA House of Representatives. There is much to like in this bill for bicyclists, but it faces a tough road in the House. So we are asking for engaged citizens to join us in Harrisburg next Tuesday for a rally to support this bill.

The Pennsylvania Senate's SB1 includes:
  • A multi-modal fund of $80-$150 million annually, to which bicycle and pedestrian projects can apply for funding;
  • An annual minimum of $2 million of that fund which will be spent on bicycle and pedestrian facilities;
  • The broadening of this funding to include pedestrian safety projects, streetscape & lighting;
  • A finding that describes Pennsylvania's comprehensive transportation system to include PA's "numerous bicycle and pedestrian facilities," which will make it easier for bicycle/pedestrian projects to compete for highway funds.
Senate Bill 1 now heads to the PA House of Representatives - where it will face an uphill climb. We need cyclists to support these efforts by encouraging their legislators to support funding bicycle and pedestrian investments!

You can show support in two ways:

  1. Join us in Harrisburg on Tuesday, June 11th at 10:00 AM. We will be rallying on the steps of the Capitol building to thank the PA Senate for passing a transportation bill that includes bike and ped funding, and for continuing to advocate for making our roads and communities safer for bicyclists and pedestrians.
  2. Tell your legislator that you (and therefore, he or she) support dedicated funding for walking and biking pathways in the state. Click here to send an email to your state reps.

Take another step and get involved in the Walk And Ride PA campaign on Facebook and Twitter: