Thursday, June 20, 2013

City Of Philadelphia Wants To Know About Abandoned Bicycles

Have you noticed any abandoned bikes locked up around town? They can look like this:
An abandoned bicycle is a bicycle with missing or damaged parts, in unusable condition, or one that has been locked to the same spot without moving for one month or more.

If you see or know about a bike like this, report it! The Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities will be conducting an abandoned bike sweep over the next several weeks (between June 27th and July 11th). They will remove the bikes, freeing up valuable bike parking around town.

To report a bicycle, note its appearance (color, distinguishing features, missing/damaged parts) and location (where it is, what it's locked to). You can report the bike to the City by:

The bikes will be tagged with bright green or pink tags for at least 7 days before being removed. The removed bikes will be donated to Neighborhood Bike Works and Resources for Human Development. If your bike is tagged, call MOTU at 215-686-5493 if you are unable to move your tagged bicycle or if you have any questions.


Unknown said...

My daughters have had wonderful experiences with the Neighborhood Bike Works. They had a great time and learned a lot about riding bikes, fixing bikes, and other things. And NBW has terrific bike-repair coops for adults, too. So this initiative will not only free up needed bike parking, it will support some great programs. Kudos to MOTU for getting this done!