Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Banners on the Schuylkill River Trail Encourage Users To Use Nice

Note: this blog post first appeared on Crossing Paths, the official blog of The Circuit.

Just in time for the high season, nine banners with trail etiquette messages were installed today on Schuylkill Banks.

The messages include sharing the path, slowing down and being courteous.

Over 800,000 people use Schuylkill Banks annually and, on beautiful warm days, the number of people using the path can make you think you are on I-76 on a Phillies/Eagles game day. User conflicts are not uncommon and The Circuit Coalition decided this was a good place to tastefully communicate some messages about civility and safety.

Many were involved in making these banners possible: the William Penn Foundation, Schuylkill River Development Corporation, Maskar Design, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, the Narducci Brothers, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission and the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.
Three of each of these banners appear along the trail between the Connector Bridge and the new skate park

See you on The Circuit!


Dennis said...

Suggest the walkers/joggers take the ear buds out of their ears so they can hear bikers when they call out "passing on your left"!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad this is finally being acknowledged. Cyclists and pedestrians need to be separated at all times. The only exceptions should be in areas with extremely low volumes of one traffic type. This is similar to the principle of separating bikes and cars.

The signs are useful to have but they're only suggestions. I hope that we can understand the importance of separation and begin to apply it to future infrastructure projects.

Beroea said...

Now install a banner asking people to stop spitting on the road. Two people spitted on me when I passed them on the trail. Hey people, the trail is not your spittoon!