Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Center City Bike Ride This Saturday Perfect For Families and New Bicyclists

A new tradition is beginning this Saturday morning in Washington Square Park. Join us for the First Annual "Safety First" bicycle ride! The ride is perfect for families and newer bicyclists - a fun opportunity to ride through Center City in a group accompanied by bike police escort!
A great chance to ride through Center City with your kids

The ride emphasizes the importance of bicycle safety while raising money through a raffle for youth programs at Neighborhood Bike Works and the Philadelphia Police Athletic League.

Date: Saturday, May 18th
Time: 9:00 AM
Place: Washington Square Park (6th & Walnut)
Cost: FREE
Register here: http://centercityride.eventbrite.com/

This ride is open to all ages and riding skills. The cyclists will be escorted by police officers assigned to Center City District and a Bicycle Ambassador from the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. All traffic regulations and laws will be followed and enforced.

During and after the ride, Center City District will have personnel selling raffles for prizes, passing out giveaways, and assisting citizens who are interested in registering with the Philadelphia Police Department B.I.K.E. Program.

This event is a collaboration between Center City District, the Philadelphia Police, and the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. The route is a five-mile loop which the ride will do twice. See below for the specific route:

1. Southbound on 6th Street and around the park to 7th and Walnut Street and left on Walnut.
2. Westbound on Walnut Street to Broad Street and left on Broad Street.
3. Southbound on Broad Street to Spruce Street and right on Spruce Street.
4. Westbound on Spruce Street to 22nd Street and right on 22nd Street.
5. Northbound on 22nd Street to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and right on the Parkway.
6. Eastbound on Benjamin Franklin Parkway to 21st Street and right on 21st Street.
7. Southbound on 21st Street to Chestnut Street and left on Chestnut Street.
8. Eastbound on Chestnut Street to 6th Street and right on 6th Street.
9. Southbound on 6th Street to Walnut Street to repeat again the previous route to complete a total of  (10) miles.


Unknown said...


Last time I went to the police last year they said they were no longer registering bicycles, the program was canned due to money.

What is the BIKES program?


Anonymous said...

Doug - The BIKE program is a youth program run by the police dept.

What district told you that they weren't registering bikes anymore?

Unknown said...

Hi Nicholas,

This was the Chinatown precinct. I don't remember the number, but it looks like it's straight out of a Batman movie.

The officer that I spoke with was with community affairs, not a regular beat officer.