Thursday, April 11, 2013

Registration Is Open For The 2013 National Bike Challenge!

Registration is open for this nation-wide bicycling challenge. Run by the League of American Bicyclists through (and their free app), the concept is pretty simple:
  1. Register.
  2. Create or join a team, or ride solo.
  3. Log the miles you bike this summer - to work, to the store, on the weekend, etc.
  4. See how far you bike this summer, and how your team, workplace, and/or community stack up against the rest of the country.
There are prizes for hitting point milestones. You accumulate points by biking, and the system rewards bicycling frequency more than bicycling distance. But the real reward is a summer of enjoying yourself on your bicycle!

April is the warm-up period. On May 1st the leaderboards will be wiped clean and the real challenge will begin. If you participated last year, you'll still need to register for this year's challenge.