Monday, March 18, 2013

PA State Transportation Funding is at Stake

You've seen the closed bridges, faded bike lanes and crosswalks, the potholes, the overcrowded roads during rush hour. It's no secret that Pennsylvania's transportation system is in dire shape. Governor Corbett has proposed raising new revenue to make much-needed investments to repair our roads, bridges and transit systems. But some legislators in Harrisburg do not see the wisdom of investing in infrastructure and they need to hear from you!
Harrisburg needs to fund transportation!


In 2010, the state's transportation funding gap was calculated at $3.5 billion. And because putting off repairs only makes them more expensive, the cost of fixing our transportation system is growing by $1 million for each day we do not pass a transportation funding bill.

When transportation is under-funded, not only do bicyclists and pedestrians suffer from the poor quality of our roads and bridges but fewer dedicated facilities are built or striped.

Governor Corbett proposes to raise $1.8 billion over five years by uncapping the Oil Company Franchise Tax. The Governor's proposal also includes a multi-modal fund that will be a dedicated funding source for non-highway modes, including biking and walking.

As part of the Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition, we asked Governor Corbett to make proposals to better fund transportation needs. Now that he has, your elected officials need to hear from you that you support a comprehensive transportation bill. Please take action today by writing a quick email to your state reps and then placing a call to their offices.

Better streets mean safer, better transportation
for all. Photo credit: Complete Streets
A comprehensive new transportation bill offers an opportunity for Pennsylvania to support communities that want to make bicycling and walking safer. PA Walks and Bikes and others who support biking and walking are asking for three commitments from the state:

1. Create a Bicycle Pedestrian Office within PennDOT.

2. Ensure that the new Multi-Modal fund allocates sufficient funds to bicycle and walking projects.

3. Eliminate the Bicycle Occupancy Permit (which prevents smaller communities from building bicycle infrastructure).

You can read more about our suggestions for improving biking and walking in Pennsylvania in this handout.


Unknown said...

I started this petition August 29, after my 24 year old son was killed while walking on "one of the most dangerous roads in bucks county. PennDot and the townships agree this is needed. however there is no funding it was suggested that I raise the money in hope that I would back off...... Not so much!!!
Come out and support this event. The biggest event I ever planned was a Zumbathon.
Please come out and show the decision makers everyone want Sidewalks for New Falls Road.
Here is my petition.