Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tell Your PA Senator Today To Oppose Selling Public Parks For Quick Cash

Should not be sold to close budget gaps

Something smells bad in Harrisburg this week (or worse than normal). Pennsylvania environmental groups have been keeping tabs on an under-the-radar bill which could be disastrous for the state's parks and public land. House Bill 2224 would remove judicial oversight from attempts to sell public land and buildings to private developers. This would place the power solely in the hands of elected officials.

This is a terrible idea. At best, it tempts elected officials to scrounge up quick cash by selling off parks to private developers. At worst, it allows elected officials with ties to private developers or companies to declare public land "under-used" and sell them to their buddies without public interference.

The bill has passed the house and Gov. Corbett intends to sign it. The last chance to stop or amend it is the Senate, which may vote today or tomorrow.
This is pretty much the idea of the bill, to get you a sense of how classy it is.
Also how classy our Photoshop skills are.
Contact your Senator and urge him or her to vote against HB 2224. Our public lands are too valuable to be sold to cover budget deficits, and we need judicial oversight to ensure that special interests don't gorge themselves on our parks, state colleges, and trails.