Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Send City Council A Message About 50ft Waterway Buffers

Just enough space for 50 Fruit By The Foots
Last week, reports emerged that some members of City Council were considering weakening a piece of legislation that would require a 50 foot buffer between new development and nearby rivers and streams.

We oppose weakening this legislation, which would sacrifice access and environmental cleanliness at the altar of private developers. Agree with us? Tell City Council and the Mayor.

The Philadelphia Parks Alliance set up this e-mail system to help send City Council and Mayor Nutter the strong message that there is a constituency on the other side of this issue. There is strong support for a "clean" version of the bill which protects all rivers and streams. Tell them you support the 50 foot buffer (which is already a compromise between developers and environmental advocates) and to pass the bill without dilution.