Tuesday, September 04, 2012

We Pedaled 350,000 Miles - The I Bike PHL Challenge Wrap Up

The I Bike PHL Challenge, our challenge to Philly-area residents to move by bicycle this summer, wrapped up with some impressive numbers.

1,036 riders
125 teams
352,000 miles ridden
6.8 million kilocalories burned

Collectively we biked to the moon and halfway back. Together we burned the calories contained in 27.5 million beers!

Top rider: Frank Martin (7,174 miles)
Top team: Philly Cycling Friends (23,747 miles)
Top workplace: Temple University (120 riders signed up, 89 riders logged miles; 17 teams within the school)

How We Stack Up Nationally
Philadelphia was the 71st community (out of 629)
Pennsylvania finished 7th among states
New Jersey finished 40th

Congratulations to August's prize winners: Carsten Skarke, Cynthia  Grossman, Steve  Masters, Bronwen  Per-Lee, Laura Rennekamp, Nick Kerr, and Andrew Schmidt.

Thank you to everyone who participated and help stake the Philadelphia area's claim as one of the most active-bicycling places in the country!

The Challenge is over but the Endomondo app lives on. Keep riding and keep logging your miles if it feels good! The Challenge will return next spring.


Rennie said...

Hello it says above that I won a prize but what did I win? and how do I claim it? Please advise, Thanks Laura Rennekamp