Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Philadelphia Neighborhoods Support In-Street Bike Parking

Over the past week, two civic associations held meetings in Fishtown and Kensington to consider the installation of in-street bike corrals. Both meetings resulted in resounding votes of approval for both applications: one in front of Kung Fu Necktie, and one in front of Johnny Brenda's.

The corrals will be 6 U-racks on rails, similar to this.
Both businesses applied for the corrals under a program offered by the City of Philadelphia. Per the application process, interested businesses had to get the approval of their City Council rep. Councilman Darrell Clarke told KFN and Johnny Brenda's to seek the approval of their civic associations.

Now these businesses have that support, and it's Councilman Clarke's turn to give his approval to the corrals' installation.

Compliments are in order to Kung Fu Necktie and Johnny Brenda's for engaging their communities and making their businesses more accessible to customers. Bike parking is a problem for both joints, leading bicycles to be locked to everything in sight but the stray cats. These corrals will help alleviate that problem, while lessening demand on car parking by encouraging customers to shop by bike.