Friday, July 13, 2012

Parks Dept and UPenn Want Your Ideas For Making Ben Franklin Parkway Spiffier

Got ideas for how to spiff up the Ben Franklin Parkway? The Department of Parks and Recreation, Penn Praxis, and The Penn Project on Civic Engagement want to hear them. Below is an invite they're putting out for interplanetary explorer extraordinaires (and other members of the public) to attend one of several public meetings and open fire with their Death Ray Blaster of ideas.

We need your help in creating the Benjamin Franklin Parkway Action Plan – a plan that will focus actions we can accomplish in the short term (within three years).

The Department of Parks and Recreation, Penn Praxis and The Penn Project on Civic Engagement will be hosting four community meetings to discuss the kinds of programs and projects that might bring you and others to the Parkway more often and will enhance your experience of the Parkway. With your input we will begin to outline a set of projects that can be implemented in the next few years.

Meetings are happening between July 23rd and July 31st, all from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm. RSVP to

Monday, July 23rd
Second Pilgrim Baptist Church
854 North 15th Street
Tuesday, July 24th
The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
100 N. 20th Street - 5th Floor

Monday, July 30th
Olivet Covenant Presbyterian Church
22nd and Mt. Vernon Street

Tuesday, July 31st
Next American City
Storefront for Urban Innovation
2816 West Girard Avenue

7/13 UPDATE: the location of the Monday 23rd meeting has been changed. The new location is reflected above. We're working on getting a new image.


Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

Add some f'ing retail.
There's nowhere to even buy a hotdog for chrissake.

Ari F. said...

I cannot make the meetings, but please consider making BFP more bike- and pedestrian-friendly. Particularly the Spring Garden Bridge (a key access point that ties the museums to the zoo and to West Philly) and Parkway coming from the bridge are extremely unsafe. The bike lane coming from the west disappears into a 6-lane road, three on each side.