Friday, July 27, 2012

Lower Merion Circulation Element Committee Meets July 30th

Lower Merion's Circulation Element Committee will meet on Monday July 30th.  The meeting will focus on the bicycle and pedestrian component of the Circulation Element of Lower Merion Township's Comprehensive Plan, with the emphasis on identifying potential priority improvements. 

Due to the anticipated public turnout, Monday’s committee meeting has been structured to make it more interactive and participatory.  During the Open Discussion period, attendees will be encouraged to mark up maps identifying routes and destinations where they would like to bike and walk. This exercise is not meant to be a scientific poll, but it should help the Committee to better understand priority pedestrian/biking areas to identify in the Circulation Plan.  



JULY 30, 2012 


Lower Merion Township Building, Ardmore, PA
7:00 PM


1. Welcome and Introduction

2. Update on Existing Work Performed to Date, including Draft Circulation Element Maps

  • Roadway Classifications 
  • Roadway Speed Limits 
  • Roadway Jurisdictions 
  • Rail and School Walk Zones 
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Circulation 
  • Parking 

3. Review the refined Mission Statement and Goals/Objectives – The goals/objectives were modified to reflect the suggestions provided by the committee on June 14th and were presented at the Quarterly Planning Commission Meeting.  (Exhibit A)

4. Report out and/or discussion of potential subcommittee(s)

5. Discuss Ideas related to Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements
Identify obstacles to overcome 
  • Prioritize locations for sidewalk installation 
  • Identify priority bicycle routes 
6. Open Discussion

7. Next Steps and Schedule

Exhibit A_Circulation Mission Statement and Goals