Thursday, July 05, 2012

Here's Your Opportunity to Plan for a Bicycle & Pedestrian Friendly Lower Merion Township

Lower Merion Township is in the middle of developing a Comprehensive Plan and it's a great opportunity to advocate for better bicycling facilities (bike lanes, bike parking etc.) in Lower Merion. In particular, there is a Circulation Element Comprehensive Plan Committee meeting five more times before it finalizes its final report.

The next meeting is on July 30th at 7 pm on the 2nd Floor of the Township Building in Ardmore. (Meeting notes from previous meetings are on the Comp Plan webpage.)

The Circulation Committee is tasked with preparing recommendations for circulation improvements to the Board of Commissioners. The major focus is to develop bike and pedestrian improvements throughout the Township. The Committee wants to update/prioritize the 2004 Bike and Pedestrian Network Plan and promote policies and infrastructure improvements to facilitate walking to school a priority.

If you live or work in Lower Merion and want Montgomery, Haverford or City Line Avenues (among many others) to be safer for cycling, please go to these meetings and get involved!

If you do start going to the meetings, please provide updates on the Biking The Suburbs facebook page. Any questions can be directed to