Friday, May 18, 2012

Ride Your Bike This Summer and Win Cool Stuff (The I Bike PHL Challenge Prize List)

The I Bike PHL Challenge is in full swing, running May 1st until August 31st. It is never too late to sign up (until August 31st - then it will be too late) and it isn't too late to be entered in the first round of raffle prizes coming up at the end of May!

Q: I ride my bike for my own top-secret reasons, but if you're going to give me stuff, that's cool too. How do I get stuff?
  • To be eligible for prizes, you must sign up to receive information from us (BCGP) during registration, OR fill out this form.
  • Join the Challenge and log the miles you ride your bike this summer (to work, to the grocery store, for fun, anywhere!).
  • You become eligible for prizes as soon as you reach the Silver award level (150 points).
  • Prizes will be awarded based upon the total number of Challenge points you have accumulated by the end of each month (point totals are cumulative month to month).
  • These prizes are independent of the raffle prizes being given out on the national level.
Q: So I'm in the market for points. Do I need to know a guy?
  • Log your miles via the Endomondo website or mobile app.
  • 1 mile ridden = 1 challenge point.
  • 20 bonus points for each day that you ride. 
Q: What could I win?
grand prize - a new Breezer Uptown 8!

Platinum Level - 1500 Points (drawing held at end of August)
Gold Level - 500 Points (drawings held at end of June and end of July)
  • 2x Mag trainer (one per drawing)
  • 8x Park PPM mini tool set (4 per drawing)
Silver Level - 150 points (drawing held monthly)
  • 40x Bicycle Coalition schwag bags - includes BCGP tote bag and shirt, 1-year BCGP membership, hanging bike light, water bottle (10 per drawing)
  • 4x $25 gift cards to Trolley Car Cafe/Trolley Car Diner (1 per drawing)
Q: You doing anything special for teams or workplaces?
  • BCGP is offering 60-minute urban riding basics classes for interested workplaces and communities. Our Bicycle Ambassadors cover getting the right fit of bike and helmet, how to bike to work while still dressing professionally, how to pack, rules of the road, secure bike locking, and more!
  • These classes are free and a great way to get more comfortable biking to work, or to get your co-workers to join you! E-mail Diana or call her at (215) 242-9253 x309 to schedule a class. 
Q: Anything else I should know?
  • Note that not every prize level is drawn at the end of each month.
  • To ensure you receive all of your points for the month, all of your rides for each month must be entered by 11:59 pm of the last day of the month.
  • Point totals are cumulative and you will be entered in the raffle for every level you've obtained.
  • No more than 1 prize per participant per month.
  • Remember - you must fill out the online form or opt to receive info from us during registration to be eligible for these prizes. Giving us this info will sign you up for our Cyclegram e-newsletter. Subsequent unsubscription from our Cyclegram will not affect your chances of winning a raffle prize. We will not share your name or e-mail address with anyone else.
  • Bicycle Coalition staff, relatives of staff, and Board members are ineligible for prizes.  


Anonymous said...

What about how much cargo we transport? I have 3 kids in my bike every day, but I don't cover many miles. I can't compete in mileage, but I'm toting 150+ pounds of cargo every time I ride :)

Anonymous said...

You're a champ! I hope your kids are duly appreciative.

The Challenge is weighted to reward biking often over biking long distances. So you'll well positioned to be a top rider!

20 points for each day you ride
1 point per mile