Thursday, May 03, 2012

Regulating New Bike Lanes

Today Councilman Bill Greenlee reintroduced legislation calling for more City Council oversight over the installation of new bike lanes. The bill was referred to committee for further deliberation and hearings. We would like to thank Councilman Greenlee for restarting a stalled process for figuring out the appropriate process for community input on new bike lanes. While we disagree with the way that Councilman Greenlee has proposed to regulate bike lanes, we support his effort to establish sensible regulations that will improve the community input process.

Last year we called on you to speak loud and clear against similar legislation -- and you responded wonderfully. This year we are hopeful that City Council and the Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities can find a sensible solution that will improve the safety of our streets while incorporating community input. We look forward to a friendly back and forth with the Councilman and will keep you posted.


a lau said...

Which committee was it referred to? Where can I find a copy of this bill?

Anonymous said...

It's not there yet but just search for bills by Greenlee and it will come up when the city adds it to the system.

Kelvyn said...

Some video of 2011 hearings on this: