Thursday, May 31, 2012

Introducing a Comprehensive Web Map of The Circuit Trail System

We are very proud to debut - a comprehensive mapping tool for all the bike/ped trails in the Greater Philadelphia Region!

Click for bigger view, or just see the website for realsies

What is it? is a groundbreaking web resource for discovering new bike/ped trails, mapping routes, and helping get trails built.

The always-updated, interactive map at the heart of this website is built on Google Maps functionality, so it is easy and intuitive to use. The map itself is the pooled data of several regional planning agencies and trail advocacy organizations - making it accurate, current, and comprehensive.
  • Find the trail closest (or farthest) from your house, and plan a trip by car or bike to get there.
  • Share trips and trails with friends via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Learn about upcoming events, rides, trail openings, and public meetings.
  • Learn how you can help get missing sections of trails built (and where those trails will go).
  • View the map on smartphones.

What is The Circuit?
In short, The Circuit is the name for a 750-mile system of bike/ped trails connecting 9 counties in the Greater Philadelphia Region. 250 miles are already built and 50 are under construction.

For years, we have been pushing to Complete The Trail, meaning the Schuylkill River Trail. Meanwhile, other organizations and agencies in our region have been working on their own pieces of the regional trail map. Now, we have joined with more than 20 regional partners to form The Circuit Coalition. By putting a name to our regional trail system, we coalesce our resources and energy to better realize the vision of a world-class trail system connecting our communities together.

The website was built by South Philly-based P'unk Avenue and funded by the William Penn Foundation. Check it out at, discover new trails, share routes with friends, and explore your region by foot and by bike!