Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Congress Is Closing In On A Transportation Bill - Tell Them To Preserve Funding For Walking and Biking

At long last, it may finally be crunch time.

We have been here before, asking you to contact your Senators and House Representative to preserve bicycling and walking in a transportation bill. You have responded every time and we are still in the game thanks to your diligence. Currently biking and walking funds are contained in the Senate bill but not in the House version.

Bike/ped trails aren't expensive in the scheme of things, and they
are unmatched in return on investment
With the pressure mounting to get a transportation bill (or any bill for that matter) passed the House and Senate are now negotiating terms of the final bill for passage. So we need your voice, here in the last mile, to ensure that walking and biking funds are not struck from the bill.

The key is the Cardin-Cochran agreement. This bipartisan compromise reached two months ago ensures that local governments and school systems are able to access funds to make walking and biking safer and more accessible.

This is the agreement, forged through strenuous effort, which must be preserved. It has no effect on the overall funding size of the bill. A recent Princeton survey found that an overwhelming majority of Americans (83%) support increasing or maintaining federal funding for sidewalks, bike lanes, and bike paths. Only 13% of Americans support decreasing biking and walking funding.

Contact your Senators and Representative today and tell them to keep bicycling and walking in the Transportation Bill!