Friday, April 27, 2012

Suggest Locations For Bike Sharing In Philadelphia

Bike Share Philadelphia has rolled out The site contains a new interactive map that allows you to suggest locations for bike sharing stations. You can also add weight to previously submitted locations by voting for them. The mapping exercise could help measure interest for bike sharing and influence the choices for future stations in the City.

Bike sharing is moving forward in other cities large and small. Chattanooga, TN started up a bike share program on Wednesday while New York, Chicago and Los Angeles will begin their programs later this year. Perhaps the biggest surprise is that compared to other forms of public transportation bike sharing is very cost effective. Washington's Capital Bikeshare has a farebox recovery ratio of 120% before marketing and management costs.  To put that into perspective, SEPTA's farebox recovery ratio of 51% is among the best in the country among public transit systems.