Monday, April 30, 2012

South of South Neighborhood Association Partnering With Police On Bike Registry Program

The South of South Neighborhood Association is partnering with the 17th Police District on a pilot bike registry program. Right now it's only for people living in the 17th District but the SOSNA website claims it could be expanded if found successful.

The process is pretty simple:
  1. Bicycle owners fill out an online form and receive a confirmation e-mail from the police.
  2. Within 2 weeks of receiving that e-mail, bring the bike to the police station at 17th & Federal.
  3. Police will etch a serial number onto the bike.
Should your bike get stolen, that number will allow you to claim it should it be recovered, and help prove the bicycle was stolen should it be found on Craigslist or in a shop.

No bike theft prevention system is perfect, but registry certainly helps the sometimes-arduous task of proving ownership. We're glad to see the police taking bike theft seriously by partnering with a neighborhood association, in this case one representing a heavily-bicycled portion of the city.


lrdi said...

If I work here but live in another district can I still get my bike into this program?

Anonymous said...

Not sure. Contact SOSNA or the 17th Police District to find out.