Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Get Ready: The I Bike PHL Challenge Begins May 1st

Last summer we piled up 150,000 miles riding to and from work. This year, let's take our biking national...

The I Bike PHL Challenge begins May 1st!

This summer, we have the chance to show the rest of the country just how much Philadelphia gets around by bike. Registration is free and open now!

  • Log your miles through Endomondo's website or free smartphone app
  • Create teams of up to ten riders
  • Count all miles you bike this summer, for any purpose
  • Opt to receive info from us during registration for chance to win new bicycles
  • See how Philly and PA stack up to the rest of the nation

Want to get your friends or co-workers involved? We've prepared an info guide which supplements Endomond's own FAQs and tells you everything you need to know to put together a terrific team.

Where can your bike take your this summer?


Jim said...

Just started "Team Scrapple" and can't wait to get started! Do biked portions of mix-mode commutes count toward the challenge? Also, if we log commuting miles and sport miles, how do we make sure only the commutes get logged toward the challenge?

Anonymous said...

Jim - If you're entering miles manually, you can just enter the distance and trip type on the website. If you're using the Endomondo app to log miles, just start your trip when you begin the bike portion of your mix-mode trip. It should get added automatically.

All bike miles count for the challenge: commute, sport, transport, etc. So you don't need to worry about only logging commuting miles.